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What is MudIt?

MudIt is the program that will help you to keep organized records of equipment for any MUD you prefer. It can be configurated to automatically add all the items you've identifyed to it's own database. (this requires a MUD client with support of DDE like zMUD) It's also capable of parsing text files or fragments and creating the items described in there

The advantages of using MudIt:

Right now i'm working on creating a visual mud preferences builder, the equip char manually window.

I'm searching for an artist to make some pictures and improve design of the program.

Also i'm searching for a person who will check out my english :) and help me to write help files.

And finally any ideas and bug reports that you have.

!!!NEW!!! Right now i'm working on new version if you want you can see how it's going...Mail me if you want me to add something.
Download newver.exe

!!! Sorry this site is under construction. Last modify 15/01/01 !!!

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